Towards securing National Food Safety, FSSAI wishes to bring each citizen onboard to share their concerns regarding food safety violations. This portal allows a consumer to share their concerns, know their rights, track Food Business Operators license/registration certificate authenticity and view related articles/videos on food safety.

Consumer can post their concern through either of the following modes:

Please click on “Share your concern” tab on the left bar to start submitting your concern.

Follow 2 step procedure to share your concern:

  • STEP 1: Identify type of food and the problem observed
  • STEP 2: Identify the recommended practices not followed under the premises
  • STEP 3: Identify the Outlet or Product Brand Name and provide address of the Seller/Outlet of the product

Once all the details are provided, your concern will be shared with the nearest Food Safety Officer for further follow up.

Consumers can alternatively download FSSAI mobile app to share their concern.