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Down the annals of history Tripura has been known to be an exotic geographical entity silhouetted by lush green hills and dotted with fertile valleys crisscrossed by flowing rivers—home to benign tribals co-existing with their Bengali neighbours.
The present state of Tripura, bordered on three sides by Bangladesh and on two sides by neighbouring states of Assam and Mizoram, is only a fragment of its earlier glorious self exercising sovereign control over the whole of present Comilla district and parts of Noakhali, Sylhet and Chittagong districts of Bangladesh.
The legacy of a major accident of sub-continental history-the partition of 1947-continues to haunt Tripura in the form of daunting socio-economic and ethnic turmoil. But with all the storm and stress on its ethnic mosaic, socio-economic and political life tiny Tripura-blessed with the bounties of nature-continues to cast a spell on all with its vitality of life and vibrantness.  The erstwhile princely Tripura's glorious history under the rule of Manikya dynasty monarchs, its rich cultural heritage coupled with the state's human and natural resources present a fascinating subject for study and research.
Address of Commissioner

O/o the Directorate of Family Welfare & Preventive Medicine,
Govt. of Tripura,
Nehru Complex, Gurkhabasti,
The payment shall be made by the food business operator through treasury challan / cash in both State License and Registration Certificate. Please click on link to check the fees schedule.
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Treasury Challan Cash
Treasury Challan details are mentioned below:
  • Major head-0210
  • Sub major head-04
  • Minor head-105
Only for Agartala Municipal Corporation
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