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Odisha is located between the parallels of 17.49N and 22.34N latitudes and meridians of 81.27E and 87.29E longitudes. It is bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the east; Madhya Pradesh on the west and Andhra Pradesh on the south. It has a coast line of about 450 kms. It extends over an area of 155,707 square kms. Accounting about 4.87 of the total area of India having population of around 4.2 crores.Odisha stands for its ancient glory and modern endeavour. Endowed with natures bounty, a 482 km stretch of coastline with virgin beaches, serpentine rivers, mighty waterfalls, forest-clad blue hills of Eastern Ghats with rich wild life, Odisha is dotted with exquisite temples, historic monuments as well as pieces of modern engineering feat. Its territory formed a part of the ancient Kalinga of Mahabharat fame. Ashok the Mauryan King of Magadh, invaded Kalinga in 261 BC and this event has gone down in history as the Great Kalinga war. Its ornated with rich culture,heritage,art,tradition and architecture. Infact, Odisha has become a multi dimensional, multi coloured, many splendoured, vibrant state all set on its journey to make a strong foothold and marking its presence in the nooks & corners of India.

Address of Commissioner


Office of the Food Safety Commissioner,
Behind Capital Hospital, Old NRHM building, Unit-VI,
The payment shall be made by the food business operator through treasury challan in both State License and Registration Certificate. Please click on link to check the fees schedule.
Details of Payment options
Treasury Challan
Please click on link below to check the list of documents to be enclosed for New/Conversion/Renewal & Modification of applications for license to State Licensing Authority.
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