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Madhya Pradesh lies in central India sharing its border with six states. Its south-east border touch “Chhattisgarh”, south-west border touches “Maharashtra”, western border touches “Gujarat”, north-west border touches “Rajasthan”, and north-east border touches “Uttar Pradesh”. Madhya Pradesh does not share their state border with any other coastal line or country. The total area of Madhya Pradesh state is 3,08,254 sq km separated with the 50 districts of the state[One district has been recently added on 15th August 2013 making the total to 51 districts].

Address of Commissioner

Food Safety Commissioner for Madhya Pradesh & Controller (Food & Drugs Administration),
Food & Drugs Administration,
Idgah Hills,
The payment shall be made by the food business operator through MP Online /treasury challan in both State License and Registration Certificate. Please click on link to check the fees schedule.
Details of Payment options
Online Treasury Challan
Please click on link below to check the list of documents to be enclosed for New/Conversion/Renewal & Modification of applications for license to State Licensing Authority.
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